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The Wedge Entomological Research Foundation (WERF) is a non- profit organization dedicated to producing taxonomic monographs on the moth fauna of the Nearctic Region.

The Foundation's principle focus is to publish biosystematic treatments on the estimated sixteen thousand plus species of moths found in North America in a series of monographs - "The Moths of North America" (MONA).

A Style Guide for MONA Authors is now available (in MS Word format).


Read the Foundationís position on the Biodiversity Crisis, Charitable Giving, and Estate Gifting.

The Wedge Entomological Research Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of a grant designed to assist authors with completing work leading to a publication of a MONA fascicle. Read more here: MONA development grants.

If you would like to order fascicles in the "Moths of North America" (MONA) series, click here for a list of publications and here to download an order form.

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