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Fascicle 8.1:


Tortricidae (Part)

Sparganothini and Atteriini


Jerry A. Powell and John W. Brown

2012, 230 pages, 6 colored plates, 33 monochrome plates, 79 maps, 2 tables. The North American members of the tortricid tribes Sparganothini and Atteriini are revised. Eighty-three species in 12 genera are included in Sparganothini; a single representative of Atteriini reaches the region north of Mexico. Twenty-one new species are proposed. The following new synonymies are proposed: Sparganothis salinana McDunnough with S. distincta Wlsm.; Sparganothis acerivorana MacKay with Cenopis pettitana (Rob.); Sparganothis albicaudana Busck with Cenopis mesospila (Zeller), the latter of which is a revised status; and Sparganothis scotiana McD. with Platynota exasperatana (Zeller). Keys to the adults of all genera and species are included. Adults of all species are illustrated in color, and male and female genitalia of all species are illustrated by line drawings or images. Hard cover; 8-1/2 x 11.


ISBN 978-0-933003-15-6


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