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Fascicle 9.5:

Pelochrista Lederer of the Contiguous United States and Canada

(Lepidoptera: Tortricidae: Eucosmini)


Donald J. Wright and Todd M. Gilligan

376 pages, 168 species accounts, 48 colored plates, 70 monochrome plates. Hardbound with dust jacket. Published in June, 2017 by the Wedge Entomological Research Foundation.

Pelochrista Lederer is a large Holarctic genus in the Tortricidae. Nearly three-quarters of the 226 described species are native to North America, and the highest species richness occurs in the western half of that continent. This book is the companion to Wright and Gilligan's 2015 Eucosma volume, and both provide the first comprehensive treatments of these diverse North American genera to be published in more than 90 years. One hundred and sixty-eight species are reviewed from the contiguous United States and Canada. Fifteen new species are described, 18 new synonymies are proposed, 29 lectotypes are designated, and several unresolved species complexes are discussed. Diagnostic morphological features useful in species identification are emphasized and illustrated with 720 color adult images and 945 detailed genitalia drawings.


ISBN 978-0-933003-20-0


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